Delivery Rider Touches Many Hearts by Bringing Child on the Job

Heartwarming Photo of Delivery Rider Touches Hearts of Netizens by Bringing His Child on the Job

A delivery rider, accompanied by his child while on the job, recently went viral and touched the hearts of the online community.

Delivery riders are the backbone of convenience in our modern world. They bring food from our favorite restaurants to our doorsteps, deliver packages from online orders, and ensure that crucial documents reach their destinations on time. They are the unsung heroes of the road.

Baqie, a Facebook user and a delivery rider himself, recently shared a photo featuring a fellow delivery rider with his child while on the job. The post quickly circulated on social media and garnered praise from internet users.

Delivery Rider

The heartwarming photograph was taken at the back of Tutuban, and Baqie, with his own experience in the field, couldn’t resist capturing this touching moment.

“Sa may likod po ‘yan ng Tutuban, isa din po kase akong [delivery] rider at nagkataon lang po na nakita ko ang mag-ama at natuwa ako kaya kinunan ko po ng litrato,” Baqie said.

The heartwarming scene of the dedicated father and his child serves as proof of the extraordinary lengths parents go to provide for their families. It shows that parents will do everything within their power to secure a brighter future for their children.

“Naramdaman kong kahit anong hirap sa buhay basta para talaga sa anak mo gagawin mo ang lahat para lang mabigyan siya ng magandang kinabukasan,” he said.

The concerned netizen’s sentiments reflect the sacrifices parents make to ensure their children’s well-being. The latter expressed his hope that the father and child always stay safe during their journeys.

Darating din ang araw na ang anak naman niya ang aasikaso sa kanya,” he added.

The photo has a caption:

“sipag lang Tay, saludo sayo”

The social media users expressed their reactions to this hardworking man:

Delivery Rider

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