Customer Slams Delivery Rider After “Kumurot ng Chicken Skin”

Customer Airs Dismay to Food Delivery Rider After “Kumurot” in Her Chicken Skin”

A disappointed customer slammed a food delivery rider after he allegedly “kumurot” in the skin part of her chicken.

A disgruntled Facebook user detailed an unpleasant encounter with a supposed food delivery rider. Kathleen Magat, a netizen, was dissatisfied after the rider allegedly removed fried chicken skin at a renowned fast food restaurant.

Delivery Rider Chicken Skin

Kathleen expresses her dissatisfaction with the rider, whom he describes as a “Totoy” in look, in a Facebook post. The sealing tape was purportedly broken when she received her item, indicating that it was previously open, according to her.

In a recent viral Facebook post by Kathleen Magat, a customer expressed his dissatisfaction after reportedly receiving terrible service from a rider he characterized as “Totoy” in look.

“Pag deliver saken ng order ko naka-bukas yung plastic tanggal na sa pag kaka-scotch tape, tinanggal din scotch tape ng chicken box kinuha yung balat ng isang chicken. Tapos kinurutan pa ibang manok, wala din yung french fries. Ok lng naman na wala yung fries, e kaso yung kuko, pano kung madumi pa tapos kinurot sa chicken ko, 🫡” reads the complaint of a netizen who failed to receive his order at a well-known fast food restaurant.

She went on to say that this was not the first time she had encountered the same scenario and that she had only recently unleashed her rage in public. She stressed that she even tips delivery drivers.

“Hindi naman ako madamot, nagbibogay ako ng tip sa rider lalo na pap alam kong mukang pagod na sa byahe, kagaya neto nag text sya ng ganito nagbigay nman ako ng tip pero pag check ko ng pagkain kulang kaya hinabol ko para inform sya na pakibalikan nmn ung kulang na order,” she added, attaching a screenshot giving a tip.

Kathleen’s post went viral on social media, eliciting several reactions from netizens. Netizens also shared their displeasure with the delivery rider, while some made amusing comments. Other internet users also reported their encounters with unclean delivery drivers.

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