Rendon Labador Reacts to Delivery Rider Claiming Foodpanda Tip is a “Scam”

Rendon Labador Investigates Claim That Foodpanda Tip is a “Scam”

Rendon Labador, a self-proclaimed motivational speaker, has reacted to the allegation made by a Foodpanda delivery rider regarding the legitimacy of the platform’s tip system.

A Foodpanda rider named Jayzee Herrera took to social media to voice concerns about the online tips received by fellow riders. This revelation garnered various reactions from the online community.

The delivery rider shared his observations about tips that appeared suspiciously low. The incident raised questions about the accuracy and fairness of the tip distribution process among riders.

Rendon Labador

Jayzee also revealed that despite being a Foodpanda rider himself, he had not encountered such discrepancies when tipping. He documented the discrepancy, and upon reaching the customer’s location, inquired about the tip amount.  The customer claimed to have tipped P50, but the app displayed only P25.65.

Herrera slams Foodpanda for claiming that 100 percent of the tip given by the customer goes directly to the rider. However, the riders were not receiving the full amount stated on the application.

The latter emphasized the importance of transparency and fairness, urging the company to fulfill its promise of passing on the entire tip to the riders.

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The internet personally lambasted the company for making such inhumane act. Labador claimed that riders are braving extreme heat conditions and inclement weather condition to earn a living.

Following an investigation, Rendon Labador discovered that some riders indeed received the full tip amount, while others received only half. Several employees claimed it was merely a ‘bug’, but some riders did not receive the complete tip.

He urged the firm to properly implement the rules and regulations regarding the distribution of tips.

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The social media users expressed their reactions to alleged tip scam:

Rendon Labador

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