Food Delivery Rider Shares Photo of Truck Carrying Hogs “Lasap na lasap”

Food Delivery Rider

Food Delivery Rider Shares Hilarious Encounter w/ Truck Carrying Live Hogs A food delivery rider recently shared a photo of an amusing encounter with a truck carrying hogs on the road, exclaiming, “Lasap na lasap!” In today’s world, motorists can experience unexpected encounters with fellow drivers while on the road. Some drivers may face traffic … Read more

Food Delivery Rider Victimized by Fake Bookings on April Fools’ Day

Food Delivery Rider Appeals to Stop Fake Bookings Following April Fools’ Day A disappointed food delivery rider airs dismay after being victimized by several fake bookings on April Fools’ day. A food delivery driver aired his rage on Facebook after many pranksters harmed him during “April Fools.” After falling prey to the pranks multiple times, … Read more

Customer Slams Delivery Rider After “Kumurot ng Chicken Skin”

Customer Airs Dismay to Food Delivery Rider After “Kumurot” in Her Chicken Skin” A disappointed customer slammed a food delivery rider after he allegedly “kumurot” in the skin part of her chicken. A disgruntled Facebook user detailed an unpleasant encounter with a supposed food delivery rider. Kathleen Magat, a netizen, was dissatisfied after the rider … Read more

Bodybuilder Shoots 2 Relatives to Death Over Missing Dumbbells

Bodybuilder Runs Amok, Shoots 2 Relatives Due to Missing Dumbbells Authorities arrested a bodybuilder after he runs amok and shoots two relatives to death due to missing dumbbells. A bodybuilder from Talisay City, Cebu, purportedly shot three of his family after discovering that his dumbbells had gone missing. Rogelio Fernandez Jr., 39, a food delivery … Read more