Male Student Holds Classmate’s Rosary During Examination

Male Student

Male Student Goes Viral for Holding Classmate’s Rosary During Mid-Term Examination PRAYER REVEAL – A male student goes viral online for holding his classmate’s rosary during their mid-term examination. The Facebook post of uploader Felix Ryo featuring a photo of himself and his classmate Mariah holding a rosary has gained significant attention and engagement from … Read more

Top 1 Passer Calls Civil Engineer Licensure Examination “Basic”

Civil Engineer Exam Basic

Civil Engineer Licensure Examination is Just “Basic” for Top 1 Passer Board passer who snatches the number 1 spot in the recent Civil Engineer Licensure Examination called it “basic”. A Facebook user by the name of Richard Pabroquez posted a snippet of a conversation he had with a friend who recently passed the civil engineer … Read more