Pretty Teacher Gives Free Snacks During Examination of Students

Pretty Teacher Gives Free Snacks During Examination of Students

A pretty teacher goes viral and earns praises online for giving free snacks to the students during the examination day.

Teachers support students’ academic learning in both public and private schools They had a duty to assist students in acquiring knowledge, skills, or qualities so they could grow into better people in the future.

On the school premises, teachers frequently serve as the kids’ second parents. The younger students were to be taken care of and helped by them. Teachers also assist kids in acquiring social values.

Pretty Teacher

A Facebook user named Jenny Rey Petallo Balbalosa – Alquero has shared photos of her beloved students during their examination day. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Teacher Jenny of Pili National Highschool provides free snacks for her Senior Highschool students during the day of their examination.  Aside from monitoring the students, she gives free snacks to encourage them.

Alquero’s concept of seating arrangement captured the attention of the netizens. She arranged the chairs in an unusual manner and set the students back-to-back to prevent them from cheating with their seatmates.

Pretty Teacher Pretty Teacher

Teacher Balbalosa is teaching senior high school students for almost four years and she wanted to make each year ‘unforgettable’ for the learners.

The educator also gives a message for her students and fellow teachers:

Ang gusto ko lang naman po sa para sa mga students ko ay makapagtapos and maka graduate sila para may mas magandang future sila. I know po na very simple lang mga nabibigay ko sa mga babies ko but the result is seeing them being determined and resilient amidst their different situations the best gift na yon para saakin.

TEACHERS ARE ALL GENEROUS in different ways, nagniniwala po ako jan hindi lang po ako ang may mga ganto pakulo sa mga students madami po teachers ang nag bibigay treats and gifts sa kanilang mga students. Padayon lang po tayo mga teachers sabi po nila simple man o bongga tandaan natin na “it’s the thought that counts”. Makita lang natin na masaya ang mga students natin at nag papatuloy sa pag aaral the best gift na nila sa atin yon.


The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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