Top 1 Passer Calls Civil Engineer Licensure Examination “Basic”

Civil Engineer Licensure Examination is Just “Basic” for Top 1 Passer

Board passer who snatches the number 1 spot in the recent Civil Engineer Licensure Examination called it “basic”.

A Facebook user by the name of Richard Pabroquez posted a snippet of a conversation he had with a friend who recently passed the civil engineer licensing exam. The Facebook post where the new engineer called the board exam “basic” or easy has gone viral on social media and received feedback from internet users.

Civil Engineer Examination Basic

Richard asked his friend Carl Jervin Rivera Magtira about the exam. Carl Jervin boldly replied, “basic,” to Richard. Carl Jervin, a graduate of the University of the Philippines – Los Baños (UPLB), breezed through and won the November 2022 Civil Engineer Licensure Examination with a score of 95%.

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) said on Tuesday that this is not the case with the 8,029 out of 20,407 exam takers who passed the test with a passing percentage of 39.34 percent. Magtira’s assertion is not surprising given that his university also ranks second among the top-performing institutions with a 92.75 percent overall passing rate.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, internet users enjoyed the aforementioned viral post. Carl Jervin received a ton of respect and admiration from online users who said that these people are truly inspirational. The aforementioned post has received over 184k reactions as of the time of reporting.

Here is the full list of topnotchers and top-performing schools for the exam:

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16 thoughts on “Top 1 Passer Calls Civil Engineer Licensure Examination “Basic””

  1. It is not basic to those who did not make it. In making comments you should consider the fact that everyone is not as intelligent as you are. While others struggled to make it, you are proud to call the exam , basic. Good for you.😊

      • basic, but why did he did not get a perfect score of 100%. during our time, we have to compute for the correct answer. todays exam, there are already answer to select

        • This can be a joke between friends kasi. We do this all the time, kahit hirap kami sa work or exam etc. But it is true though, na dapat di nalang shinare ng friend niya because it can be misinterpreted if shared to a larger audience na di naman lubos na kilala yung topnotcher.

    • you’re making it really obvious that you really are among the unintelligent that you claim.

      his “basic” comment was in response to a friend asking how it was. he did not publish it in social media. It was never intended to make others feel bad like you claim.

  2. This serves as an inspiration po. His friend is just so proud of the topnotcher. Generally, board exams are just basic. It’s a matter of preparation through study, study and study.

  3. Indeed all are basic as what have been taught in school. What complicates is the stock knowledge and retention of the student to get to the rigors of review and examination. Those who are well preferred can hurdle it. No excuses.

  4. power house wowwwww sana sinagad nalang kasi marami pa ang nauna na topnotcher dba kasi iba ang exam noon una kaysa ngayon anyway you deserve it bro so good luck and god bless congrats

  5. oAs a CPA board passer myself, I agree that board exams are generally basic. That comment should serve as a hint to those taking board exams not to forget the basic underlying principles or else they would fail. That is also what my cousin, also a CPA, told me when I asked for a tip on how to pass the board exams. Additional tip, a week before the scheduled exams, forget about the review, find time to relax your mind, go swimming or other activity that would divert your mind away from what you had been reviewing. That way you’ll get your mind refressed and responsive.


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