‘Kasambahay’ Caught on Camera Maltreating Employer’s Daughter


Mom Shares Video of How Their ‘Kasambahay’ Treats Her Beloved Daughter RUDE HOUSEMAID – A frustrated mom has shared the video footage of how their ‘kasambahay’ treats her beloved daughter. Child abuse is a serious offense and should never be tolerated. Employers should always ensure that their housemaids are trustworthy and capable of taking care … Read more

Housemaid who Has Only Worked for 2 Days Arrested for Theft

Housemaid Arrested for Theft After 2 Days When He Started to Work Police authorities arrested a housemaid who was allegedly working for only two (2) days since he started due to theft. A minor housemaid was imprisoned after being found stealing from his employer. According to the article of Brigada News, the suspect is a … Read more

Employer Earns Praises for Giving Free “Alak” to Construction Workers: “Wag niyo na babawasan sahod niyo ha”


Employer Earns Praises for Giving Free “Alak” to Construction Workers CONSTRUCTION WORKERS – A kind employer goes viral and earns praises online for giving free “Alak” (Gin) to construction workers. Construction workers are usually tired, stressed, and exhausted after the entire day of enduring the scorching heat of the sun or inclement weather conditions while … Read more

Warehouse Employee Shouted by Employer on Phone Goes Viral

Warehouse Employee Being Shouted by Employer Inside Bus Elicits Reactions A photo showing a warehouse employee being shouted at by his employer through a phone call goes viral and elicited reactions online. Cretz Catigtig, a concerned internet user, posted a picture of a fellow traveler who he claimed had been yelled at over the phone … Read more

Employee Tries to Rob, Kill Employer Over Unapproved Cash Advance

Employee Failed to Get Cash Advance Tries to Rob and Kill His Employer Police authorities arrested an employee after he tried to rob and kill his employer when he allegedly failed to get cash advance from him. On Wednesday afternoon, a warehouse worker was apprehended after reportedly attempting to murder his own boss in Quezon … Read more