Warehouse Employee Shouted by Employer on Phone Goes Viral

Warehouse Employee Being Shouted by Employer Inside Bus Elicits Reactions

A photo showing a warehouse employee being shouted at by his employer through a phone call goes viral and elicited reactions online.

Cretz Catigtig, a concerned internet user, posted a picture of a fellow traveler who he claimed had been yelled at over the phone by his employer. They were late for work because, according to Catigtig’s Facebook post, the Dau-Apalit bus they were riding in broke down.

“Kung sino man po ‘yung kausap ni Manong sa phone. Nagsasabi naman nang totoo ‘yung tauhan n’yo na nasiraan ‘yung DAU-APALIT Bus,” he said.

Employee Shouted by Employer

The employee is being reprimanded by his boss despite telling the truth, the netizen bemoaned. In spite of the employer’s ranting not being on the loudspeaker, Catigtig continued, he can still hear it.

“Hindi naka-speaker phone si manong pero lumalabas ‘yang ngala ngala mo sa cellphone niya. Hindi naman niya kasalanan na nasiraan ‘yung sinasakyan niya konting konsiderasyon. Ayaw ko mangialam sana kaso mukhang gusto nang lumabas sa CP ‘yung boses ng kausap niya kakasigaw. ‘Yun lang period,” he added.

He specified the workplace of the claimed employee, RHC Builders Warehouse, at the end of his post. Thousands of people responded to, commented on, and shared the aforementioned Facebook post.

Due to the power of social media, the netizen’s post about the alleged employee of a warehouse store who was yelled at has reached the company’s management. This Wednesday, October 5, RHC Builders Warehouse released an official statement regarding the incident.

They said that the immediate superior of the employee in the photo is currently on preventive suspension due to allegedly “violating” the company’s “core values”.

“Rest assured that this matter is being reviewed fairly and following due process,” it said.

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