Blindness of Household Helper Blamed on Employer Abuse in Occidental Mindoro

Household Helper Suffers Severe Injuries Due to Abusive Employers in Occidental Mindoro

The alleged blindness of a female household helper has been attributed to her abusive employer in Occidental Mindoro.

Elvie Vergara, a 44-year-old domestic helper, was purportedly subjected to relentless abuse by her employers, which is said to have led to her alleged blindness. The incident took place in Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro, spanning from 2020 to 2023.

Vergara endured a difficult time as she became a victim of abuse at the hands of her employers, a married couple, and their two children. The abuse reportedly involves physical violence, resulting in partial blindness and severe hearing impairment.

Household Helper

In a desperate bid to escape her abusive employers, the household helper relocated to Batangas City in May 2023. Regrettably, the location change did not put an end to her suffering, as she continued to endure physical abuse daily.

Elvie’s siblings learned of her situation when her colleague posted about it on Facebook. Concerned for her well-being, they intervened and brought her to safety from the residence of her employer’s child in Pollocan West, Batangas City.

A multitude of netizens are incensed by the events that unfolded for Elvie. They are determined to ensure that she attains justice, signifying that those responsible for her harm must face appropriate consequences.

Household Helper

The maid’s experience serves as an illustration that some individuals working in domestic settings face mistreatment. The incident represents a significant issue, and the government must take measures to prevent similar incidents.

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Household Helper

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