Employer Criticized After Requiring College Diploma for ‘Kasambahay’ Applicants

Employer Who Requires College Diploma for ‘Kasambahay’ Applicants Earns Criticisms Online

An employer received criticisms online after requiring a college diploma and teaching experience for ‘kasambahay’ applicants.

Housemaids, also known as domestic workers, have been an integral part of household operations for centuries. Their roles have evolved throughout history, but their importance in maintaining a clean and organized home remains unchanged.

Despite the vital role that housemaids play in keeping households running smoothly, their work is often undervalued and underappreciated. Many people fail to recognize the hard work and dedication that goes into maintaining a clean and tidy home.


Housemaids are often expected to work long hours without any breaks, and they may not receive adequate compensation for their labor.

Recently, the online community, commonly referred to as netizens, expressed their strong feelings of disappointment and disapproval towards an employer who had posted a job advertisement seeking to hire a maid, due to the employer’s excessively stringent requirements.

This matter was brought to light when a netizen shared the job posting, which displayed the list of qualifications that the employer was seeking in their potential new maid.


Among the qualifications that were listed, it was stated that the applicant must possess a college diploma and have teaching experience.

Furthermore, the employer was only offering two days off every month, which was deemed by some netizens to be an unreasonable expectation. In terms of compensation, the employer was offering a monthly salary of 15,000 along with free food and lodging.

The netizens felt that the employer’s expectations were too high, and many expressed their disappointment and frustration towards the situation.

Here are some of the comments:


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2 thoughts on “Employer Criticized After Requiring College Diploma for ‘Kasambahay’ Applicants”

  1. Hahaha!! Upgraded na ang mga employers mag hanap ng kasambahay😂 kulang ang 15k jan… Ok lng yan, pero per hour nlng din ang sahud.. kagaya ng sa ibang bansa…hayzzz.. ginastusan ng mga magulang mka tapus ng college, tapus kasambahay lng pala tayo..

  2. Ok lang Yung college diploma Ang hingin Basta Ang standard of salary gaya sa Europe, USA, Canada at Australia, Ako unang unang mag apply, kung kaya nya Ako bayaran. Sana sa Pilipinas itulad Ang sweldo sa mga bansan nabanggit, kasi karamihan sa kasambahay matatalino pa kaysa amo, at nakkaaalam sa mga batas.


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