Port Personnel Pours Disinfectant on Passenger’s ‘Lechon’ During Ban of Pork Products

Port Personnel

Port Personnel Douses Disinfectant on Passenger’s ‘Lechon’ as Province Imposes Temporary Ban on Entry of Pork Products A port personnel was caught on camera pouring a disinfectant on passenger’s ‘lechon’ during ban of pork and pork-related products. Cebu City government has imposed a ban on pork and pork-related products from Negros Island. This decision was … Read more

7 Workers Passes Away After Drinking Alcohol Given as Disinfectant


7 Cambodian Laborers Died After Drinking Alcohol Given as Disinfectant in Quarantine Camp Seven workers in Cambodia reportedly passed away after allegedly drinking alcohol, which have been given as a disinfectant. The Cambodian health ministry reported that seven labourers have been rushed to the hospital after mixing and drinking alcohol with water and soft drinks … Read more

FDA Issues List of Unregistered Medicines, Beauty Products & Disinfectants

Unregistered Medicines

FDA Releases List of Unregistered Medicines, Beauty Products and Disinfectants That May Possibly Contains Hazard The Food and Administration (FDA) has issued the list of unregistered medicines, beauty products, and disinfectants. The agency warned the public against the use of products with no certificate of product registration and certificate of product notification that may cause … Read more

Duterte Insists Gasoline Can Be Alternative to Alcohol as Disinfectant

Pres. Duterte Not Joking When Saying Gasoline Can Be Use as Disinfectant President Rodrigo Roa Duterte said that he was not joking around when he says gasoline can be alternative to alcohol as a disinfectant. Duterte said at a briefing with Cabinet officials in Malacañang Thursday, gasoline can be alternative to alcohol. Duterte also slams … Read more

Unique Method of Disinfecting Public Places Goes Viral (Video)

Unique Method

Video of Unique Method of Disinfecting Streets Elicits Comments Online The video footage of a unique method of disinfecting public places goes viral online and garnered various reactions from social media users. A lot of countries including the Philippines are already taking necessary actions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease. The deadly virus … Read more