Barbie Imperial Reacts To Dismissal Of Charges Filed By Debbie Garcia

Barbie Imperial

The fiscal office junked three cases filed by Debbie Garcia against Barbie Imperial and the latter actress has this reaction. BARBIE IMPERIAL – Kapamilya actress Barbie Imperial has this reaction to the fiscal’s decision dismissing cases against her. The bar fight between Vivamax actress Debbie Garcia and Kapamilya actress Barbie Imperial went viral online. CCTV recordings have … Read more

Court Junks Cases Filed by Debbie Garcia Against Barbie Imperial

Debbie Garcia Cases Filed Against Barbie Imperial Dismissed by the Court The court has junked the cases filed by Vivamax actress Debbie Garcia against Kapamilya actress Barbie Imperial following the incident in a Quezon City bar. The prosecution dismissed Garcia’s three charges against Barbie. These are the claims of minor bodily injury, serious vocal defamation, … Read more

Barbie Imperial: Ogie Reveals Something About Charges Against Her

Barbie Imperial

Ogie Diaz reveals what happened to charges against Barbie Imperial filed by Debbie Garcia. BARBIE IMPERIAL – Showbiz reporter Ogie Diaz reveals what happened to the charges filed by Debbie Garcia against Barbie Imperial. Vivamax actress Debbie Garcia and Kapamilya actress Barbie Imperial’s altercation recorded on CCTV emerged online. The two female artists became controversial and … Read more

Barbie Imperial Speaks up to Her “Altercation” vs Debbie Garcia

Barbie Imperial Debbie Garcia

Barbie Imperial Speaks Up with Cases Filed by Debbie Garcia Over Their Altercation Issue Actress Barbie Imperial finally speaks up about her alleged “altercation” issue with the Vivamax actress Debbie Garcia. Barbie discussed the incident she was involved in last November at the Abante’s interview for the film “A Cup of Flavor” with JC Santos … Read more