Robert Hong Appeals for Protection for His Family After Receiving Threats

Robert Hong Who Sent Lolo Narding to Jail Appeals for Protection for His Family ROBERT HONG – The neighbor of Lolo Narding Flores who sent him to jail appealed for protection for his family amid the threats they received. Following the arrest of their neighbor Nardo Flores, commonly known as Lolo Narding, Robert Hong’s family … Read more

Lechon Package Seller Marjorie Abastas Receives Death Treat

Lechon Package Seller Marjorie Abastas 2

Viral Cebu Lechon Package Seller Marjorie Abastas Receives Death Treat LECHON PACKAGE SELLER – The viral Lechon package seller in Cebu, Marjorie Abastas, publicized a death threat that was sent to her through text message. Marjorie Abastas (Marjorie Alison on Facebook) was the Lechon package seller in Cebu who had an altercation with Maria Amy … Read more

Gossip Monger, Partner Arrested for Threatening Minor in Valenzuela

Gossip Monger Arrested Along with Partner Over Threat to Minor in Valenzuela Authorities arrested a gossip monger along with his partner over reports they have threatened and hurt a minor girl in Valenzuela City. According to an article, the arrest came when the victim’s relatives complained that they had harassed the underage girl, who was … Read more

Police in Bacolod City Received Cake with Human Ears as Toppings

Bacolod City Police Received Cake with a Toppings of Human Ears as Life Threat A cake with a toppings of human ears was sent to police in Bacolod City including a life threatening message inside from unknown person. In a report of DYHB, a cake with human ears toppings was sent by an unidentified person … Read more

LOOK: Nicko Falcis Elaborates Kris Aquino’s “Death Threat”

Nicko Falcis revealed details of “death threat” he received from Kris Aquino Finance whiz Nicko Falcis elaborated the details of the “death threat” he received from Queen of all Media Kris Aquino. The conflict between the former business partner started to surfaced on social media when Kris revealed that she experienced betrayal from someone who … Read more

Agot Isidro Receives Death Threat From Basher Online

Agot Isidro

Agot Isidro Receives Death Threat From Basher Online The Filipina actress Agot Isidro has posted the death threat she received from her basher on the social media. Agot Isidro is one of the most popular actresses of her generation who rose to fame because of her girl’s next door image and stunning beauty. Aside from … Read more

Young GMA-7 Actress Receiving Death Threats

A young actress has requested the protection of the police after receiving death threats.   Max Collins, a GMA-7 artist, said that it was her personal assistant who initially got threatening text messages demanding her to help the suspect in blackmailing and even abducting the actress. This was eventually presented by her personal assistant that … Read more