Lechon Package Seller Marjorie Abastas Receives Death Treat

Viral Cebu Lechon Package Seller Marjorie Abastas Receives Death Treat

LECHON PACKAGE SELLER – The viral Lechon package seller in Cebu, Marjorie Abastas, publicized a death threat that was sent to her through text message.

Marjorie Abastas (Marjorie Alison on Facebook) was the Lechon package seller in Cebu who had an altercation with Maria Amy Hofilña over the food that was delivered to the latter. The video of the rich lady went viral after the seller uploaded it on social media.

In the video, Marjorie stormed into the party and demanding payment for the balance of the food the Donya ordered. However, Maria said she will not pay because she was not satisfied with the food. She said she ordered food that’s enough for 50-60 persons but what was delivered was less than what she expected.

Maria Amy Hofilña’s house became an instant attraction to tourists after their viral issue. On August 4, Marjorie Abastas and Maria reconciled after two meetings at the barangay. A photo of the two showing the popular love symbol together with the barangay captain has gone viral.

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Recently, Marjorie Abastas shared a text message she received from a certain “Noli Mahinay.” The man claimed that he’s the leader of the group of gun for hire men.

The text contains a threat telling Abastas that she was on their list of people to be assassinated. He also said that she was their third subject this year and they want to talk to her.

The sender told Abastas not to ignore his message so that she will not end up like radio commentator Rey Cortes and Atty. Rex Fernandez. He said that those who were eliminated did not believe the warning he was giving out.

Photo Source: @superbalitacebu FB

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