Robert Hong Appeals for Protection for His Family After Receiving Threats

Robert Hong Who Sent Lolo Narding to Jail Appeals for Protection for His Family

ROBERT HONG – The neighbor of Lolo Narding Flores who sent him to jail appealed for protection for his family amid the threats they received.

Following the arrest of their neighbor Nardo Flores, commonly known as Lolo Narding, Robert Hong’s family is now seeking assistance because they are reportedly receiving threats to their life. The elderly guy was accused by Hong of taking mangoes from his backyard.

Robert Hong Protection

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They stated in an interview that they want to drop the case against Lolo Narding that they filed in May 2021. They were only astonished when the old guy was apprehended by the authorities in January.

They requested an end to the distribution of false information about them. They insisted on Narding taking ten kaing, or huge baskets, of mangoes, not just 10 kilograms.

In addition, contrary to previous reports, Hong revealed that Lolo Narding did not plant the tree. Lolo Narding, according to folklore, only lived on the land for a short time and never became a caretaker.

Rovelyn Sison, Hong’s wife, also stated that netizens should be aware of the true story. She stated that they want everyone to be explicit about their roles, particularly those on social media and that they should not have been one-sided.

Because of the threats they were suffering, the Hong family also requested police protection. However, the police must still determine if they are deserving of protection.

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