COVID-19 Vaccines Available In September? Scientists 80% Sure

Scientists Say COVID-19 Vaccines May Be Available In September COVID-19 VACCINES – Two promising coronavirus vaccines could be available in September after showing promising results. As the world continues to struggle against the pandemic, scientists are working round the clock to develop a vaccines. Among those who show significant strides in research are Oxford University … Read more

PH Gov’t Ready To Sell Assets To Purchase Vaccine Against COVID-19

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte PH Gov't COVID-19

Harry Roque Says PH Gov’t Ready To Sell Assets To Purchase Vaccine Against COVID-19 Once Available PH GOV’T – The Philippine government is ready to sell some of its assets to purchase COVID-19 vaccines once it becomes available in the market. Last April, Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte said the country would need to sell … Read more

Coronavirus Vaccine Candidates Show Promising Results

First Of 4 Coronavirus Vaccine Candidates Reveal Good News CORONAVIRUS VACCINE CANDIDATES – The world continues the race to find a vaccine for the new coronavirus, COVID-19. Hundreds of potential vaccines have been created. However, not all of them have made it through clinical trials just yet. But, Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech’s COVID-19 … Read more

China’s 5th Coronavirus Vaccine Begins Human Trials

China’s 5th Coronavirus Vaccine Starts Clinical Trials CHINA’S 5TH CORONAVIRUS VACCINE – Another potential COVID-19 vaccine has begun clinical trials in China. Currently, there is yet to be a vaccine for the new coronavirus. However, several drugs have already undergone human trials and are awaiting results. One of these drugs was Remdesivir, who was the … Read more

COVID-19 Vaccine Likely In September – Indian Firm

Vaccine For COVID-19 Likely Finished By September Says Indian Firm VACCINE FOR COVID-19 – An Indian Firm who partnerred with oxford claims to likely have a vaccine for the virus in September. According to Adar Poonawalla, the chief of Serum Institute of India, at the end of May, they aim to start producing the –. … Read more

Clinical Testing For COVID-19 Therapies Begins In US

US Drugmakers Begins Clinical Testing For Illness Caused By COVID-19 CLINICAL TESTING FOR COVID-19 – As the world continues its battle against COVID-19, researchers are racing to create a cure for the disease. Some companies are already said to proceed with clinical trials for their vaccines. However, there is still no concrete cure for the … Read more

COVID-19 Vaccine Human Testing Eyed On September

J&J Medical Eyes COVID-19 Vaccine For Human Testing By September COVID-19 VACCINE – As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, medical experts are in a race to find a cure. So far, there is still no approved vaccine for COVID-19. However, several companies have already made plans to conduct human testings of their vaccines. One … Read more

Coronavirus Vaccine: USA Starts First Human Trial

Makati City

The USA started the first human trial of coronavirus vaccine The United States of America started the first human trial of the coronavirus vaccine as COVID-19 continues to spread. US health officials said that the first human trial to evaluate a candidate vaccine against the new coronavirus has begun in Seattle. This aims to raise … Read more