COVID-19 Vaccines Available In September? Scientists 80% Sure

Scientists Say COVID-19 Vaccines May Be Available In September

COVID-19 VACCINES – Two promising coronavirus vaccines could be available in September after showing promising results.

As the world continues to struggle against the pandemic, scientists are working round the clock to develop a vaccines. Among those who show significant strides in research are Oxford University and the American pharmaceutical company, Moderna.

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According to Oxford scientists, they are 80% confident that their vaccines would be available by September. Based on their studies, the volunteers of their vaccine project developed antibodies and white blood cells called “T-Cells” which fend off the virus if infected.

COVID-19 Vaccines Available In September? Scientists 80% Sure
Image from: Daily Mail

Meanwhile, the researchers in Moderna said that all volunteers in their COVID-19 vaccine trial all developed antibodies to the deadly virus.

But how do these vaccines work?

Like most vaccines, it simply lets the body think it had been infected with COVID-19. Because of this, the body produces its own immune substances that are capable of destroying the new coronavirus.

Early research of coronavirus vaccines primarily focused on developing antibodies. However, with new data at hand, researchers had shifted their attention to a new type of immunity – “T Cells” or “killer cells”.

Based on an article from Daily Mail, these cells are controlled by white blood cells and were seen to be promising against COVID-19.

Oxford’s phase 3 trial for their vaccine would include around 8,000 individuals across the UK with up to 6,000 people in Brazil and South Africa. Here, the vaccine would be easier to test since their is an abundance of infected patients.

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