Visa Free Countries for Filipinos 2023 — Here’s an Updated List of Nations and Territories

Visa Free Countries for Filipinos 2023

Guide on Visa Free Countries for Filipinos this 2023 for Easy Travels VISA FREE COUNTRIES – Here are the countries and territories outside the Philippines that Filipinos may visit even without a travel visa. Undeniably, traveling to other countries has become a dream of many Filipinos in the current time. A lot of people wants … Read more

Taiwan Visa Free for Filipino Tourists Again after 2 Years

Taiwan Visa Free

TAIWAN VISA FREE – The government of Taiwan has released regulations allowing Filipino tourists to visit the country even without visa. There are some countries across the globe that do not require visa from Filipino travelers upon entry. Taiwan is one of the nations that have offered visa-free entries to Pinoys but it was halted … Read more

Till When Is Taiwan Visa Free? Here are details…

Till When Is Taiwan Visa Free

TILL WHEN IS TAIWAN VISA FREE – Here are some details about the visa-free entry to Taiwan offered to Filipino tourists. One of the countries that Filipinos can visit visa-free is Taiwan. However, recently, such offer was put on hold. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Consular Affairs of Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry Affairs recently gave a heads … Read more

Is Taiwan Visa-Free for Filipino Extended? Foreign Affairs Issues Statement

Is Taiwan Visa-Free for Filipino Extended

IS TAIWAN VISA-FREE FOR FILIPINO EXTENDED – Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Bureau of Consular Affairs released a statement. Taiwan is one of the nations that has opened its borders to Filipinos visa-free. However, early in September, the country has temporarily suspended the visa-free entry for several nations including the Philippines. Based on a recent … Read more

LOOK: 66 “Visa-Free” International Destinations Filipinos Can Visit

Airplane Travel

Do you wish to visit a visa-free international destination? VISA-FREE – Filipinos are now allowed to visit 66 international destinations even without having a visa. Many Filipino people desire to visit the different places outside the Philippines together with their family and friends. However, although the idea sounds good, it may not be very easy … Read more