Till When Is Taiwan Visa Free? Here are details…

TILL WHEN IS TAIWAN VISA FREE – Here are some details about the visa-free entry to Taiwan offered to Filipino tourists.

One of the countries that Filipinos can visit visa-free is Taiwan. However, recently, such offer was put on hold. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Consular Affairs of Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry Affairs recently gave a heads up on the resumption of the visa-free entry for Filipinos. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, Pinoy travelers could visit the country visa-free upon the presentation of a proof of accommodation, sponsor’s contact details, and sufficient travel funds starting September 29 until July 31, 2023. The offer is open for a visit of up to 14 days.

LOOK: 66 “Visa-Free” International Destinations Filipinos Can Visit

Do you wish to visit a visa-free international destination?

VISA-FREE – Filipinos are now allowed to visit 66 international destinations even without having a visa.

Many Filipino people desire to visit the different places outside the Philippines together with their family and friends. However, although the idea sounds good, it may not be very easy to go to other countries depending on the requirements that must be complied.

Recently, a good news most especially for travel junkies broke in – more international destinations now are open for Filipino visa-free. Based on a report in CNN, the 2018 Henley Passport Index checked on the travel freedom of the different nations.

Three years ago, 60 countries can be visited by the Filipino people even those who have no visa. Currently, six international destinations were added to the list. There are 66 visa-free international destinations that Pinoys can visit now according to the report.

Visa-Free International Destinations
Photo Courtesy of CNN

In the list, there are 19 destinations in Asia, 20 in Africa, 10 in Oceania, 5 in the Carribean, 8 in America, and 4 in the Middle East are visa-free.

RMN Iloilo also shared the good news with the netizens through its Facebook page. There are some netizens who have left comments on the social media post.

A Facebook user stressed that there is no problem when it comes to the destination but the immigration in the Philippines is very strict. Another netizen also shared the same sentiment and added that the ticket will be wasted.

Airplane Travel
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Are you and your loved ones craving for a wonderful vacation? You can have it in any of these visa-free destinations and experience a different culture even just for a while. Many people are after unique experiences so they travel and see more of the world. Once in a while, it’s really great to go and make unforgettable memories.

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