Wuhan Coronavirus Death Toll Over 618 With 841 In Critical Condition

Death Toll For Wuhan Coronavirus Reaches 618 In Hubei Province WUHAN CORONAVIRUS DEATH TOLL – The coronavirus outbreak that was believed to have started in Wuhan, China seemed to have no signs of slowing down. However, a potential drug that could combat the virus has been approved in China. Samples are to be sent to … Read more

Coronavirus Global Death Toll Now 426, Over 19,000 Confirmed Cases

Global Coronavirus Death Toll Reaches 426 With More Than 19,000 Cases Confirmed CORONAVIRUS GLOBAL DEATH TOLL – The coronavirus outbreak that started in Wuhan has remained rampant in China. The global death toll due to the deadly virus had now reached 426 people. Along with this, over 19,000 cases have been confirmed globally. Most of … Read more