Coronavirus Global Death Toll Now 426, Over 19,000 Confirmed Cases

Global Coronavirus Death Toll Reaches 426 With More Than 19,000 Cases Confirmed

CORONAVIRUS GLOBAL DEATH TOLL – The coronavirus outbreak that started in Wuhan has remained rampant in China.

Coronavirus Global Death Toll Now 426, Over 19,000 Confirmed Cases
Image from: Asia Times

The global death toll due to the deadly virus had now reached 426 people. Along with this, over 19,000 cases have been confirmed globally.

Most of the deaths and confirmed cases come from the Hubei Province. Since yesterday, authorities have confirmed and additional 2,345 cases of the virus.

According to a report from CNN, 10,990 of those have been hospitalized in Hubei with 576 being in critical condition. All the fatalities come from China however, the Philippines had the first death outside of China.

Because of this unprecedented rise in deaths and infections, some experts believe this to be a sign that the Wuhan coronavirus could potentially be a pandemic. Yesterday, it had already surpassed the number of deaths from SARS mainland China.

Governments and health authorities are now in a race to contain the virus. In lieu of this, doctors from Thailand believe they had cured a coronavirus patient with a mix of HIV drugs and flu treatment.

Meanwhile, hospitals in Beijing have reported using similar methods. Drugs given to HIV-AIDs patients were given as part of treatment for the Wuhan coronavirus but, it was still unclear if the methodology used had been successful or not.

But, with this seemingly good news comes another potential problem with the coronavirus outbreak. Doctors have found stool samples from infected patients to be positive with the virus.

This meant that an oral-fecal transmission route could be possible. Previously, the mode of transmission was only known to be through virus-laden droplets from sick people infected with the virus.

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