Wuhan Coronavirus Death Toll Over 618 With 841 In Critical Condition

Death Toll For Wuhan Coronavirus Reaches 618 In Hubei Province

WUHAN CORONAVIRUS DEATH TOLL – The coronavirus outbreak that was believed to have started in Wuhan, China seemed to have no signs of slowing down.

Wuhan Coronavirus Death Toll Over 618 With 841 In Critical Condition
Image from: CNN

However, a potential drug that could combat the virus has been approved in China. Samples are to be sent to hospitals in an attempt to contain the outbreak in mainland China.

But, the death toll due to the virus still continued to rise. In China’s Hubei province, the number of deaths now stands at 618 with over 22,112 confirmed cases.

According to an article from CNN, health authorities reported over 15,804 patients have remained hospitalized. Meanwhile, 841 of them were in critical condition.

Along with this, the Japan cruise ship Diamond Princess was still under lockdown after confirming 20 passengers were positive for the virus.

There were about 3,700 people on board the cruise ship. As per the report, there were 1,045 crew members and 2,666 passengers. Meanwhile, those infected are being brought to shore for treatment.

With the roll-out of the new drug that could potentially fight the virus, authorities are hopeful that it would slow down the outbreak.

This drug is set to be used to 761 infected patients of 2019 nCoV in Wuhan China its clinical trial. Reportedly, this medicine is also good for treating SARS and MERS Coronavirus as well as the Ebola infections.

For now, health experts advise the general public to take extra precautions to prevent being infected with the deadly virus. Wearing masks is advisable but those made of cloth offer no protection against the virus.

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