Alligator Gar Sightings in 8 China Province

Alligator Gar

Monster Fish Alligator Gar Emerge in 8 China Province Alligator Gar or “Monster Fish” has captured after a month-long searched for one resulted in the complete lake’s draining last week in China. Since then, other claims of more catches and sightings around the nation have surfaced. There have been reports of alligator gar sightings in … Read more

Customs Seized P13M Worth of Illegal Chinese Cigarettes, Medicines

P13M Worth of Illegal Chinese Cigarettes, Medicines Seized by Bureau of Customs The Bureau of Customs (BOC) has apprehended the illegal Chinese cigarettes and medicines illegally smuggled in Parañaque City. BOC personnel seized an estimated P13 million worth of smuggled Chinese-made cigarettes and medicines during a separate operation in Tambo, Parañaque City recently. Armed with … Read more

Filipinos in Italy Experienced Discrimination Due to COVID-19 Scare

Filipinos in Italy Experienced Discrimination Mistaken as Chinese Filipinos share the experience of discrimination from the people in Italy as they were mistaken as Chinese amid the COVID-19 scare. Due to novel coronavirus 2019 or now called the COVID-19 outbreak people nowadays are panicking and raised fear when going in public. The spread deadly virus … Read more

Mon Tulfo Linking Aguire as the Protector of “Pastillas” Bribery Scheme

Mon Tulfo Linking Aguire as the Protector of “Pastillas” Bribery Scheme Veteran journalist Mon Tulfo links former Justice Secretary Vataliano Aguire as the protector of the “Pastillas” bribery schemed at the Bureau of Immigration (BI). At a hearing held by Senator Risa Hontiveros in connection with Chinese POGO workers involved in illegal activities, Tulfo said … Read more

Chinese Woman Versus Pinoy, Conflict Recorded In Video & Goes Viral

Chinese Woman

This Chinese woman goes viral and here are the reactions of the netizens to this. CHINESE WOMAN – A Chinese woman accordingly started to create a scene versus a delivery guy who is asking for a valid ID which she doesn’t have. Following the Novel Coronavirus which came from Wuhan, China, several reports, speculations, and … Read more

Poor Underpaid Employees Complain Against Abusive Chinese Employer

Poor Underpaid Employees

Poor Underpaid Employees Express Disappointment Against Chinese Employer Although They Are Working 12 Hours Per Day Several poor underpaid employees expressed their complaints against an abusive Chinese employer for not giving them proper compensation. Nowadays, most people are working as employees of big or small businesses and companies to earn money to provide the daily … Read more

Huawei CEO Opposes Chinese Revenge VS iPhone Maker

Photo Source: CAJ News Africa, Youtube

Huawei CEO Says He Would Oppose Chinese Retaliation Against iPhone Maker HUAWEI CEO – Founder of Huawei Ren Zhengfei said he would oppose if China will retaliate against Apple. As of this moment, the world’s No. 1 telecom supplier and 2nd best smartphone maker Huawei is experiencing one of their biggest troubles. The Chinese telecom … Read more