Chinese Woman Versus Pinoy, Conflict Recorded In Video & Goes Viral

This Chinese woman goes viral and here are the reactions of the netizens to this.

CHINESE WOMAN – A Chinese woman accordingly started to create a scene versus a delivery guy who is asking for a valid ID which she doesn’t have.

Following the Novel Coronavirus which came from Wuhan, China, several reports, speculations, and theories have surfaced as to where the virus. And according to some reports, President Rodrigo Duterte is not inclined yet of banning Chinese nationals entering the country amid the nCoV scare. The virus, which has no vaccine for cure, has already killed 132 people, infected nearly 6,000, and spread to at least 15 countries.

Amid the controversies about the Chinese people, a netizen from Twitter posted a short clip of a Pinoy and a Chinese woman in an argument. According to the caption of the post, the Pinoy in yellow clothing is seemingly defending a delivery boy against the Chinese woman who allegedly started hurting the delivery boy just because she didn’t have a valid identification card which is needed to whatever is their business about.

Chinese Woman
Photo grabbed on Twitter
Chinese Woman
Photo grabbed on Twitter

The Chinese is shouting while arguing and even screaming don’t touch me in the middle of the crowd. But the Pinoy did not back down to the arrogant Chinese woman indicating that this is Philippines and she has to follow the rules.

Watch the encounter below:

Here are some comments from the post:

Lmao the sad moment when she takes her phone out…. what she gon do? pull up google translate?

Puro siya don’t touch me as if naman gusto namin kayo hawakan sumusobra na tong mga chekwa na to

kudos to the one in yellow, ur correct! this our land, our home… if you don’t follow such simple rules then ur free to leave


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