DOLE, BI Admits Chinese Laborers Seen At Manila Construction Site

DOLE BI on Chinese

DOLE, BI Says Chinese Illegally Works At Manila Construction Site DOLE – The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and Bureau of Immigration (BI) admitted they spotted Chinese illegal workers in Manila. In a previous article, the DOLE confirmed that Chinese tourist ended up working in the Philippines. Lots of Chinese came to the country … Read more

Filipinos Slam Travel Site Claiming Chinese Built Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces

Travel Site Claiming Chinese Built Banaue Rice Terraces Criticized by Filipino People The Filipino people slammed the travel website “Lonely Planet” after claiming that the Chinese build the Banaue Rice Terraces. The travel website “Lonely Planet” received massive criticisms from the Filipino netizens after featuring the famous Banaue Rice Terraces. The video was claiming that … Read more

BFAR Urge Filipino Fishermen To Avoid Panatag Shoal ‘For The Meantime’

BFAR on Filipino fishermen

BFAR Urge Filipino Fishermen To Fish Father From Panatag Shoal BFAR – The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) urged the Filipino fishermen to avoid Panatag Shoal ‘for the meantime.’ The Filipino fishermen are allegedly prohibited by the Chinese to get near into the Scarborough/ Panatag Shoal. Duterte’s administration, however, did not make an … Read more

Chinese New Year 2019: Party-goers Flock To This Mall To Celebrate

Chinese New Year 2019 mall

Party-goers Flock To This Mall in Binondo To Celebrate the Chinese New Year 2019 CHINESE NEW YEAR 2019 – Party-goers flock to this mall in Binondo to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2019. Today is the celebration of the Chinese New Year and according the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), it is declared as a special … Read more

Chinese Tourists Can Now Visit Boracay Due To New Flights


The Boracay Island Is Filled With Chinese Tourists Due To The New Flight Routes Added By CAAP CHINESE TOURISTS – New flight routes have been added to the Kalibo International Airport, which enables Chinese tourists to visit the Boracay Island. A report from Bombo Radyo says that the Boracay island is flowing from tourists that … Read more

Taxi Driver Brings Wife With Alzheimer’s To Work Everyday

taxi driver with wife

Chinese Taxi Driver Goes Viral for Bringing Wife with Alzheimer’s to Work Every day TAXI DRIVER – A Chinese taxi driver named Shen Deli brought his wife with Alzheimer’s disease to work every day went viral. It’s quite a challenge when the love of your life needs 24/7 care but you also need to report … Read more

Chinese Tourists End Up Working In Philippines, Labor Department Confirms

Chinese Foreign Tourist on Department of Labor

Labor Department Confirms that Chinese Tourists End Up Working In Philippines CHINESE TOURISTS – The Labor Department confirmed numerous Chinese tourists end up working in the Philippines. Filipino and Chinese relationship started a very long time ago. They used to travel the seas to trade goods from each other’s country. Some Chinese even decided to … Read more