Filipinos in Italy Experienced Discrimination Due to COVID-19 Scare

Filipinos in Italy Experienced Discrimination Mistaken as Chinese

Filipinos share the experience of discrimination from the people in Italy as they were mistaken as Chinese amid the COVID-19 scare.

Filipinos in Italy

Due to novel coronavirus 2019 or now called the COVID-19 outbreak people nowadays are panicking and raised fear when going in public. The spread deadly virus has also led to the increase of racism, bullying and hate against Asians.

Previously, in Paris, a French Asian uses social media to call attention from the netizens within the country to stop discrimination and racism against Asians. After cases of the deadly virus was confirmed in France people prompting racism and stigmatizing remarks towards people of Asian ethnic origin.

Filipinos in Italy

Meanwhile, according to the report of GMA News, Filipinos in Italy also experienced racism and discrimination. A video was shown taken on a train in Milan with an Italian outrage telling Pinay to upload the video.

The angry woman called the Pinay woman with her two children as “Filthy Chinese. Some Italians also defended them. The Filipinos were relocated when a police officer responded. There has also been an incident of Filipino discrimination in Rome.

Filipinos in Italy
Image captured from the video

The Italian people in COVID-19 felt a sense of dread because of the small number of people outside. Famous sights and some places seem to have become a ghost town.

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