Habal-Habal Rider Arrested for Allegedly Harassing Female Shopkeeper

Habal-Habal Rider

Police Arrests Habal-Habal Rider for Allegedly Harassing Female Shopkeeper The police authorities arrested a habal-habal rider after allegedly harassing a shopkeeper in Cebu City. A habal-habal rider refers to a motorcycle taxi or motorbike-for-hire operator commonly found in the Philippines, particularly in rural areas and smaller towns where public transportation options may be limited. These … Read more

Range999 Faces Murder Charges For Attack On Foreigner


Range999 To Face Murder Trial RANGE999 – Cebuano rapper Range999 is set to face murder charges following the death of the foreign NATIONAL he shot during a confrontation on March 17, 2024, as confirmed on Tuesday, March 19, 2024. “Pre! Pre! Pre! Tabangi ko.  Sorry pre. Pre, nakapatay kog taw. I-hatud ko sa [police] station. … Read more

Mentally-Incapacitated Lady Hits Fellow Customer at Small Store

Mentally-Incapacitated Lady

In Cebu City, a mentally incapacitated lady struck her fellow customer at a small store for reasons unknown. Khem Gadia, a netizen, shared a video capturing the incident involving the mentally incapacitated lady who assaulted a male customer. The footage was recorded at Albaraka General Merchandise & Cellphone Accessories on Sanciangko St.

Woman w/ Mental Illness Assaults Another Customer in Cebu City

Mental Illness

Video of Woman w/ Mental Illness Assaults Another Customer Earns Reactions Online A woman with a mental health condition suddenly assaulted another customer at a small store in Cebu City. Mental illness, also known as mental health disorders, refers to a wide range of conditions that affect a person’s thinking, mood, behavior, and overall well-being. … Read more

Desperate Guy Arrested After Attempting to Kiss His ‘Crush’ in Cebu City

Desperate Guy

Desperate Guy Arrested After Unwanted Kiss Leads to Altercation in Cebu City CEBU CITY – The police authorities arrested a desperate guy who attempted to kiss his crush, who already has a boyfriend. Harassment is a serious issue that can affect people’s well-being and make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. It occurs when someone repeatedly … Read more

Four-Year-Old Kidnapping Survivor in Cebu City Reunites with Family

Kidnapping Survivor

Four-Year-Old Kidnapping Survivor Now Back at Their Home After Left Alone in Cebu City A four-year-old kidnapping survivor who was reportedly abducted by an unknown male suspect in Cebu City reunites with his family. The young boy was reportedly kidnapped by an unknown male suspect on Tuesday (October 24, 2023) in the North Reclamation Area. … Read more

Man Arrested After Attempting to Rob Taxi Driver in Cebu City


Police Arrests Man for Attempting to Rob Taxi Driver in Cebu City FAILED ROBBERY ATTEMPT – A man was arrested after attempting to rob and threatening a taxi driver in Cebu City. Robbery is a criminal act that continues to plague societies around the world, causing distress, financial loss, and sometimes even physical harm to … Read more

Cebu City Tour – Best Places To Visit

Cebu City Tour

CEBU CITY TOUR – Here are some of the best places in the Queen City Of The South that you must explore and visit. When it comes to people, culture, food, and natural beauty, Cebu is surely one of the places to be. This city has a lot of churches, temples, historical sites, and many … Read more