Cebu City Tour – Best Places To Visit

Cebu City Tour

CEBU CITY TOUR – Here are some of the best places in the Queen City Of The South that you must explore and visit. When it comes to people, culture, food, and natural beauty, Cebu is surely one of the places to be. This city has a lot of churches, temples, historical sites, and many … Read more

Tourist Spots In Cebu That You Must See Personally

Tourist Spots In Cebu City

TOURIST SPOTS IN CEBU – Here are some of the most beautiful tourist attractions that you can find only in Cebu City. A place that holds beautiful beaches, historical landmarks, business centers, and mouthwatering local foods is Cebu City. And here are some of the tourist attractions of this place that will surely make you … Read more

Resorts In Cebu City and Some Hotels For Your Vacation

Resorts In Cebu City

Here are some beautiful hotels and resorts in Cebu City you must check out! RESORTS IN CEBU CITY – A progressive and one of the oldest cities in the Philippines is Cebu City and here are some hotels and resorts in this place. Home to some of the best beaches that never fail to attract … Read more

Cebu City School Bans Students Bringing Trending Lato-Lato Toy

School in Cebu City Banned Students Bringing, Playing Lato-Lato Toy A school in Cebu City has banned their students on bringing and playing the trending toy called lato-lato or “ball clackers”. A Cebu City school has prohibited the usage of the lato-lato toy due to allegations that it is unruly and may even endanger pupils. … Read more

Ex-PBA Player Shot by a Boy, 15, After He Fails to Give Money

Ex-PBA Player Got Shot by a 15-year-old Boy Who Asked for Money From Him Ex-PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) player Eliud Poligrates was wounded after being shot by a 15-year-old boy who asked for money from him. On Tuesday, May 30, 2023, former PBA player Eliud “Eloy” Poligrates is injured in the leg during a shooting … Read more

Ex-PCG Member Jailed for Beating a Teacher in Front of Students

Ex-PCG Member in Cebu Beating Teacher in Front of Students Arrested Police authorities arrested a former Philippine Coast Guard (Ex-PCG) member for beating a teacher in front of its students in Cebu. According to the report, a retired PCG member is in jail after beating up a teacher inside a school in Barangay Cotcot, Liloan, … Read more

CCTO Head Criticized after Cutting the Hair of Traffic Enforcers

CCTO Head Cutting the Hair of Traffic Enforcers Earns Criticisms on Social Media The Cebu City Transporation Office (CCTO) head receives criticisms from the online community after cutting the hair of traffic enforcers. Raquel Arce, the head of the CCTO, did a hair inspection of the city’s traffic cops on Facebook. Arce ensures that traffic … Read more