Car nappers, Drug Pushers Father & Son Shot Dead at Buy-Bust Ops in Laguna

Notorious Thieves, Drug Pusher Died at Buy-Bust Operation Father and son tandem known as a notorious drug pusher and stealing motorcycles at San Pablo, Laguna died in a buy-bust operation. The suspects allegedly exchange gunfire with the authorities after detecting that the person in their transaction was the police. The suspects were identified as Jun … Read more

Manila Installs CCTV with Facial Recognition, Mayor Isko Warns Criminals

Manila Government Installs CCTV with Facial Recognition Metro Manila- Manila local government installs CCTV cameras with facial recognition in public places that identifies personal information. According to the report of GMA News, the Manila City government has set in motion plan to install thousands of Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) cameras in public areas within Metro … Read more

Teen in Pagadian Caught on CCTV Stealing Displayed Phone and Watch

Teen in Pagadian City Caught on CCTV Stealing Goes Viral A teen girl in Pagadian City caught on CCTV stealing a cellphone and a watch displayed outside the store, elicited comments from netizens. Nowadays, there are countless cases of shoplifting incidents have been reported to the authorities. Shoplifters usually pretend to be a customer to … Read more

Rude Man Caught on CCTV Smashing a Dog Earned Criticism Online

Rude Man Smashing a Dog with a Wood Caught on CCTV CCTV footage of a rude man elicited comments on the online community after caught furiously smashing a dog with hardwood. Animal cruelty occur in different countries all around the world, which is a violation of animal rights. Causing harm or unnecessary suffering to animals … Read more

Bacolod City Councilor Urges Village Officials To Instal CCTVs


Bacolod City Councilor Urges Village Officials To Instal CCTVs BACOLOD CITY – A Bacolod City councilor recently urged all village officials to install CCTVs within their area of authority. According to SunStar, Councilor Lady Gles Pallen, who is the president of the Barangay League, explained that installing closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras will intensify the peace … Read more

CCTV Footage Shows Policeman Assaulting A Mechanic


Policeman Attacked Mechanic During Operation, Caught Red-Handed In A CCTV Footage CCTV FOOTAGE – Recently, a police officer assaulting an old mechanic during a clearing operation was caught in a CCTV footage. Undeniably, there are people who would abuse their roles and exploit it just to earn cash or to show superiority. For example, a … Read more