Mysterious Parcel Recipient Revealed by CCTV

A Mysterious Parcel Recipient Inside Netizen’s House Revealed by CCTV

A mysterious parcel recipient was caught on CCTV after owner found his parcels inside their home without anyone receiving it.

It all started with a mysterious parcel that ended up inside a house without anyone receiving it! Facebook user Cyrell Jones Sidlao shared a video of his dog, who turned out to be the one receiving the delivered parcels.

The video quickly spread like wildfire on social media garnered various reactions from the internet users.

Mysterious Parcel Recipient

Aside from the CCTV footage, Cyrell also checked the proof of delivery and confirmed it! His dog, Rocky, was indeed the one fetching the parcels. Rocky, a one-year-old golden retriever, maybe mischievous at times, but when it comes to getting the parcel, he is extremely careful.

“Careful na careful siya sa pagkuha ng parcel. Nakikita nga sa video nga ‘di ba, na kapag na-drop, kinuha niya tapos kailangan talaga pumasok talaga sa bibig niya. Tapos sa lobo naman ng bahay, nilalagay niya sa dog house, parang ganon,” Sidlao said.

Since Cyrell discovered Rocky’s talent, they haven’t had any problems with deliveries, even when they’re not at home. Sometimes, even the delivery riders can’t believe it!

“Sabi ko, ‘ay, nandiyan ‘yung asko, ibigay mo nalang sa kanya,” he said.

Other delivery riders have gotten used to giving the parcels to Rocky. Since they discovered Rocky’s talent, Cyrell hasn’t had any parcels returned to the sender. Fortunately, his retriever is also a reliable parcel retriever.

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Mysterious Parcel Recipient

What is parcel?

A parcel is like a package or a box that contains something you ordered or something someone sent to you. It could be anything from clothes and toys to books or gadgets. When you order something online or if a friend wants to send you a gift, they usually put it in a parcel and it gets delivered to your home.

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