CCTV Captures ‘Laglag Barya’ Modus Inside Fast-Food Chain

‘Laglag Barya’ Modus Inside Fast-Food Chain Caught on Camera

A CCTV camera installed inside of a fast-food chain caught several suspects performing ‘laglag barya’ modus in the establishment.

Avel Forto shared a shocking incident on Facebook involving him and his wife while they were eating at a fast-food chain in Angeles City. The entire incident was captured on the establishment’s CCTV, revealing how a group of criminals executed the ‘laglag barya’ modus operandi to steal a woman’s bag.

In the video, the group entered the establishment and posed as regular customers. Two men from the group sat behind Avel Forto and his wife, pretending to eat but actually observing the surroundings.


Moments later, the victim left the table, and his wife remained seated.

This was when the other members of the group, a woman and a man dressed in white, approached the victim’s table. The male suspect subtly slid a coin in the victim’s direction and then tapped her, pointing to the coin.

The victim’s attention was drawn to the coin on the floor, and she bent down to pick it up.

At that moment, the female suspect pushed the male suspect towards the victim, causing a distraction, and swiftly grabbed the victim’s bag. The group then quickly left the establishment and boarded a waiting vehicle, as captured by another CCTV footage.

The incident was shared online to raise awareness about the modus operandi used by the criminals and to caution others to be vigilant in public places. The incident reminds us always to be cautious of our surroundings and keep our belongings secure, even in seemingly safe environments.

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  1. Hindi sapat ccctv at ung sekyu na taga bukas ng pinto since nangyari na ang ganyan dapat mag post na ng security on foot o ung naka civilian clothes lang ang establishment na yan na taga masid ng bawat pumapasok at lumalabas di maiwasan na karamihan ay kampante nlng pag nakaupo na at kumakain gaya ng babaeng yan


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