Thieves Caught on CCTV Robbing Man in Tondo, Manila

CCTV Captures Thieves Robbing Man in Tondo, Manila

ROBBERY INCIDENT – Several thieves were caught on camera robbing a man in Tondo, Manila during the wee hours.

Robbery is a criminal offense that involves the act of taking or attempting to take something of value from another person or entity through force, threat, or intimidation. It typically involves the use of violence, threat of violence, or coercion to steal property directly from a victim.

Unlike theft, which generally involves taking property without the victim’s knowledge or the use of force, robbery explicitly involves the use of force or threat to deprive the victim of their belongings.


Robbery is considered a serious crime in most legal systems and carries severe penalties, including imprisonment and fines.

Last Sunday (February 25, 2024), CCTV footage captured the forcible theft of belongings from a man walking home in Tondo, Manila. The CCTV footage shows two men trailing the victim as he searched for a ride on Velasquez Street around 4:00 a.m.

“Sasakay na siya ng tricycle, e wala po siyang masakyan kaya naglakad siya,” said Kgwd. Sean Nicolas of Barangay 97, Tondo, Manila.

The thieves apprehended the victim, forcefully taking his mobile phone and wallet containing P10,000 in cash. After snatching the items, the suspects fled the scene, leaving the victim seated by the roadside.

“Nag-iisa siyang naglalakad kaya nakita na potential victim nitong dalawa na nakatambay doon. Inakbayan lang po siya tapos kinuha ‘yung gamit niya tapos tumakbo papalayo ‘yung dalawa,” according to PLtCol. Melvin Floridas, chief of Raxabago Police Station.

The victim, allegedly threatened with death, did not seek immediate help. Following the circulation of the CCTV footage on social media, the police immediately sought out the victim to offer assistance.

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“So upon discovery, pinuntahan po natin kaagad ‘yung biktima kasi hindi ho siya agad nakapagreport dito para makapagbigay tayo ng assistance,” said PLtCol. Florida.

The authorities have identified the two suspects with the help of the barangay. The thieves are currently being pursued and will face charges of robbery.

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