Broken Man Runs Amok in EDSA Busway After Fooled by GF

Man Runs Amok in EDSA Busway for Being Broken-hearted Due to His Girlfriend

Authorities successfully stopped an alleged broken-hearted man who runs amok in EDSA Busway after being fooled by his girlfriend.

InterAgency Council for Traffic (IACT) posted on Facebook that a man is reported to have been yelling before vanishing after discovering that his partner had reportedly cheated on him. His outbursts snarled up traffic for drivers using the northbound lane of the Pasay City EDSA Busway Station. While the bride calmed down, the groom sobbed and screamed as he entered the busway.

Broken Man EDSA Busway

I-ACT, Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), and Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) personnel arrived on the scene right away to calm the man, tie him up, and transport him to the precinct. After the individual entered the busway itself, the buses in the station’s northbound lane experienced a brief delay.

The post claims that the man gave one of of the agents a hug upon greeting him. When they were cuddling, he sobbed and screamed and revealed that his ex-girlfriend had cheated on him, so it appears that he was looking for someone to express his rage to.

One of the agents is attempting to calm him down, but it appears that the man does not want to be calmed down in this way. The man allegedly even challenged the operative’s members to a fight during the uproar.

It’s said that he abruptly shoved and challenged one of our agents to a fight in order to let out his rage about his girlfriend’s infidelity. They instantly deflected the strike and held the man in place.

Despite the fact that his ex-girlfriend helped him to calm down, he is still unable to express his rage. The ex-lover was taken to Pasay Community Precinct 6 by the police, who arrived on the scene right away to look into the event. The Task Force commended those in need for their quick response.

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