Baron Geisler Became A Fan Of Cristine Reyes While In Rehab

Baron Geisler, Cristine Reyes

Baron Geisler Finds Inspiration in Cristine Reyes’s Films During Rehabilitation BARON GEISLER – Actor Baron Geisler developed an admiration for Cristine Reyes during rehabilitation. Cristine Reyes just did drama with Baron Geisler under the direction of “Doll House” Megaman Maria Ancheta. Baron recently revealed that he is a fan of Cristine and her films “No … Read more

Baron Geisler On 14-Year Ban To Attend ABS-CBN Event

Baron Geisler

Here are some thoughts of Baron Geisler after he got invited again by ABS-CBN to attend the ball. After 14 years of ban, actor Baron Geisler gets invited again by ABS-CBN to attend a big and important event. ABS-CBN Ball is set to return in September for a ‘new chapter’. This much-anticipated event will surely … Read more

VIDEO: Baron Geisler Says He Loves His “LGBT” Wife Jamie

Baron Geisler, Jamie Evangelista-Geisler

Baron Geisler Professes Love For “LGBT” Wife Jamie Evangelista-Geisler BARON GEISLER – ‘Doll House’ actor Baron Geisler shared a video professing his love to his “LGBT” wife Jamie Evangelista-Geisler. Baron Geisler is one of the most famous actors in the Philippines. He is known for his intensity and versatility as an He. Geisler was involved … Read more

Baron Geisler: What’s Next For The Actor After ‘Doll House’?

baron geisler althea ruedas

Fans are anticipating the next project of Baron Geisler What’s next for actor Baron Geisler after the success of his Netflix movie Doll House with child actress Althea Ruedas? Baron received praise from movie fans as well as from his fellow celebrities. His remarkable performance in the movie made viewers cry and this is something … Read more