What To Do If ATM Did Not Dispense Cash After Withdrawal?


ATM Did Not Dispense Cash After Withdrawal? Here Are Some Steps On What To Do UNDISPENSED ATM WITHDRAWALS – What to do if the Automated Teller Machine did not dispense cash after withdrawing money? Nowadays, many bank customers have experienced ATM malfunction when withdrawing cash and not receiving the total amount they have requested but … Read more

Toxic Filipino Traits & Attitudes That We Should Change

Toxic Filipino Traits

Here Are Some Toxic Filipino Traits That We Need To Fix FILIPINO CULTURE & MENTALITY – Here are some of the toxic Filipino traits and attitudes that we need to change for the better. Filipinos are known for being hospitable, kind, respectful, helpful, and caring, which makes us popular all around the world because of … Read more

The Feast of Nativity or Birth of Blessed Virgin Mary


The Feast of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary BLESSED VIRGIN MARY – The nativity or the birth of Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the Christian feast days celebrated all around the world. The Catholic Church and the devotees usually celebrate the feast every September 8. Mary, the mother of Jesus plays a very important … Read more

Useful Tips on How To Reduce Expenses for Birthday Party

Birthday Party

How To Reduce Expenses for Birthday Party? Here Are Some Effective Tips BIRTHDAY PARTY – Here are some effective and useful tips on how to reduce the costs and expenses for a birthday party celebration. Nowadays, most people are always excited to celebrate birthday parties and other special events although we have to spend a … Read more

List of Top Filipino Superheroes We Will Never Forget

Top Filipino Superheroes

List of Top Filipino Superheroes FILIPINO SUPERHEROES – Here is the list of top Pinoy superheroes admired by the Filipino people over the past few decades. Filipino people are known as a huge fan of superheroes possessing superpowers and fighting villains to protect the public from danger. Nowadays, many of our countrymen might have already … Read more

How Much You Should Pay Hired Singers & Musicians

Hired Singers

Here Are The Things We Should Consider How Much to Pay for Hired Singers & Musicians HIRED SINGERS – Here are some things we must consider how much we should pay for hired singers and musicians for an event. Many people usually hire musicians and singers to play at their event to entertain the audiences. … Read more