Dentist Amused by Patient Seeking Brace Adjustment on Dentures

Dentist Laughs After Patient Seeks Brace Adjustment on Dentures

A dentist in Brazil couldn’t help but laugh when a patient came in for a routine brace adjustment.

During a regular day at the clinic, a patient arrived seeking an adjustment for their braces. However, upon inspecting the patient’s mouth, the dentist noticed that the braces were fixed on dentures, not natural teeth.

The dentist managed to maintain their composure in front of the patient. To avoid embarrassing or offending the individual, the dentist excused themselves and retreated to a private room with their assistant.


Once out of earshot, they both burst into laughter at the bizarre scenario they had just encountered.

The dentist shared the experience online, saying, “Patient arrived today to do maintenance on the device. I’m going to die and I won’t see everything in life.”

For those unfamiliar with dental procedures, it’s important to understand why this scenario is so unusual. Braces are orthodontic devices designed to straighten and align natural teeth over time.

They work by applying constant, gentle pressure to gradually move teeth into the desired position. This process relies on the natural ability of teeth and jawbones to respond to pressure and shift accordingly.

Dentures, on the other hand, are artificial teeth used to replace missing natural teeth. They are not anchored in the jawbone like natural teeth and cannot be moved or realigned.


Therefore, putting braces on dentures serves no practical purpose, as the artificial teeth cannot be repositioned.

The dentist explained this to the patient, clarifying why braces are not suitable for dentures. It’s likely that the patient was unaware of this distinction and had mistakenly believed that braces could work on their artificial teeth just as they would on natural ones.

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