Naughty Guy Arrested for Playing w/ Dextrose Bags Connected to Patients

Naughty Guy

A naughty guy was arrested by police authorities for playing with dextrose bags connected to patients inside a hospital. A young man tampered with the dextrose of patients inside a hospital trying to speed up the flow of medical fluids. His inappropriate act disrupted the hospital’s efforts to provide proper medical care and even posed … Read more

Surgeons Mistaskenly Remove Wrong Organ During Patient’s Operation


Surgeons From University of Washington Medical Center Remove Wrong Organ of Patient During Appendectomy Surgeons from a medical center are set to face legal charges after mistakenly removing the wrong organ from a patient. George Piano, a man from Washington, USA, who was initially admitted to the emergency room for appendicitis, ended up experiencing more … Read more

Alleged Victim of Radio Technologist’s Harassment Speaks Out After Being Offered Free ECG

Alleged Victim

Alleged Victim Slams Radio Technologist Over Harassment Act An alleged victim of a radio technologist’s harassment speaks out after being offered of free ECG at a hospital in Novaliches, Quezon City. Trembling and in tears, a 22-year-old patient came forward to report an incident of alleged harassment by a radio technologist at a hospital in … Read more

To Be Discharged Patient Jailed After Found Illegal Drugs in Cebu

Patient Illegal Drugs

Patient from the Hospital Arrested After Illegal Drugs Found in His Pocket in Cebu Authorities delivered a patient that supposed to be discharged from a hospital in Cebu to jail after illegal drugs were found in his pocket. A 26-year-old guy who was set to be released from the hospital ended himself in jail, according … Read more

Doctor Faces Complaints for Allegedly Molesting His Patient


NBI to File Charges vs Makati City Doctor for Allegedly Molesting His Patient MAKATI CITY – A doctor from a hospital in Makati City is facing complaints for allegedly molesting his male patient. The CCTV footage taken inside the hospital captured the doctor taking the 18-year-old male patient identified as alias “Vergel”. The doctor explained … Read more

Nancy Binay Slams PhilHealth Over Home Treatment Package Scam

Nancy Binay Hit PhilHealth Alleged Scam Offering Home Treatment Package Senator Nancy Binay lashes the Philippines Health Insurance Corp (PhilHealth) over a scam allegedly offering a home treatment package. Binay blasted PhilHealth for duping its members into purchasing a “home treatment” package for patients with coronavirus illness (COVID-19). Patients who prefer home quarantine over staying … Read more

Surgeon Face Charges After Amputated The Wrong Leg of a Patient

Surgeon Amputated the Wrong Leg of the Patient Face Charges, Fined A female Austrian surgeon faces prosecution and a fine after she reportedly amputated the wrong leg of a patient. An 82-year-old patient went to the surgeon’s clinic and was told that his leg needed to be amputated, according to the report. The surgeon had … Read more