TikToker Flexes Stroke Survivor Dad “may mga nagsasabi na “inutil” na siya”

TikToker Shares Heartwarming Video of Stroke Survivor Dad

A lady TikToker shared a heartwarming video of a stroke survivor dad who continues to persevere despite his condition.

A stroke is a serious health condition, which may put one’s life at risk. It happens when a blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain is either blocked by a clot or bursts. Recovery from a stroke may took a while but rehabilitation can help victims to regain strength, courage and independence

Recently, a TikTok user @eynacastillo27 shared a video of her father, a stroke survivor who continue to do his best despite his condition. The video quickly circulates online touched the hearts of the internet users.


According to Reyna, her father has been labeled as “inutil” (useless) by some people since his stroke, because he is no longer able to do things he used to do.

“Simula nung nastroke si Papa, may mga nagsasabi na “inutil” na siya dahil hindi niya na kayang gawin yung mga bagay na dati niyang ginagawa, Bilang isang anak, nasasaktan ako kapag ganon na lang nila pagsalitaan si Papa na minsan naman nilang pinakinabangan,” she said.

The TikToker gets hurt when people speak about her father like that, especially considering how he has supported them in the past.

@eynacastillo27 Saan man ako dalhin ng tinatahak kong daan, hindi kita iiwan.🤍#fatherdaughter #fyp ♬ original sound – bacha_tv

What they don’t realize is that her dad keeps trying his best. He strives to be productive every day without asking for anything in return. The simplest thing she can do right now is to stay by her dad.

“Little did they know that Papa keeps on trying, sinusubukan niya pa ring maging productive everyday na walang hinihiling kapalit.


Ang pinakasimpleng bagay na magagawa ko sa ngayon ay manatili sa tabi mo Papa, konti na lang at susubukan kong iparanas sa’yo ang deserve mong buhay. Mahal kita higit pa sa sobra,” she added.

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