TikToker Surprised by Voice Calling Her Name While Alone at Home

TikToker Scared by Voice Calling Her Name Despite Being Alone at Home

MULTO O PUSA – A TikToker was shocked and got scared when something called her name while she was alone at home.

Ghosts are mysterious entities that many people believe exist beyond the realm of the living. These supernatural beings are often associated with the spirits of deceased individuals who have not moved on to the afterlife.

Some people believe that ghosts are restless spirits who remain on Earth due to unfinished business or unresolved emotions. Others view ghosts as guardians or protectors of certain places, while some consider them to be omens or harbingers of impending events.


Recently, Melody Rose, also known as ‘Mel,’ got chills when she recorded a strange incident while making a TikTok video. She was alone in her room at the time, making her question if it was a ghost or just her cat.

Her heart raced when she heard her name being called, but she soon realized she was home alone. She even heard what sounded like footsteps. This happened around 9 o’clock at night, and Mel quickly left the house.

“I’m easily scared so anything that goes bump in the night will have me sleeping with the lights on,” she said.


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The only explanation Mel could think of was that her cat, McLovin, might have made the noise. She suggested that if it was a ghost she recorded, maybe her cat wasn’t feeling calm at the time.

“Maybe it was my cat and she sounds like a human sometimes,” she explained.

Despite this, Mel couldn’t shake off her fear. She only felt safe when her roommate returned home.


Figure, if cats are calm, I’m probably okay. McLovin sounds human sometimes, he does have siblings so I figured maybe they were jumping around and making noise. Maybe it was noises from outside?” she added.

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