Security Guard Earns Praise for Juggling Work & Childcare

Security Guard

Security Guard Who Juggles Work & Childcare Earns Praise From Netizens UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – A security guard goes viral and earned praise online for juggling work and childcare. Fathers, just like mothers, play an essential role in their children’s lives. While parenting roles have evolved over time, the significance of a father’s presence and love … Read more

Dad Shares Misunderstanding w/ Child: “Gulay hindi Sandok”


Dad Flexes Simple Misunderstanding w/ His Child A certain dad has shared a humorous misunderstanding involving his child’s simple request, “Gulay hindi Sandok.” In the age of instant communication and text messaging, misunderstandings can happen to the best of us, even when it comes to simple requests from our loved ones. A Facebook user named … Read more

Lady Netizen to Dad’s Reaction on Frozen Yogurt: “Dapat hiwalay Facebook niyo eh”

Lady Netizen

Lady Netizen Flexes Dad’s Reaction After Trying Frozen Yogurt For the First Time A lady netizen’s playful response to her dad’s amusing reaction while trying frozen yogurt has caused quite a stir online “Dapat hiwalay Facebook niyo eh.” Roma Rose Dasco Lagdaan, a user on Facebook, shared a photograph capturing her father’s candid response after … Read more

Female Cat Lover Shares Heartwarming Photo of Her Dad Cradling Their Kittens

Female Cat Lover

Female Cat Lover Flexes Sweet Dad Cradling Their Kittens Cuteness overload ensues with a heartwarming post from a female cat lover featuring photos of her father cradling their adorable kittens. The story unveils an unexpected transformation of a once reluctant parent into a loving, doting caregiver to their feline companions. According to Raechealyn Acebuche, her … Read more

Pregnant Wife Shares Dad’s Reaction to Her Sonogram “Yan b ung super typhoon”

Pregnant Wife

Pregnant Wife’s Hilarious Conversation w/ Her Dad Goes Viral SONOGRAM – A pregnant woman has shared her dad’s hilarious reaction to her sonogram “Yan b ung super typhoon”. A hilarious screenshot shared by uploader Camille Pearl Billones-Apawan featuring a conversation with her father has garnered thousands of reactions on social media. The exchange captures the … Read more