Vice Ganda To Make ‘EXpecially For You’ Searchee His Scholar

Many hearts were touched as Vice Ganda offered this student a scholarship.

Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda offers ‘EXpecially For You’ searchee a scholarship and here are some comments of touched netizens.

One of the ways Kapamilya superstar comedian Vice Ganda gives back and shares his blessing is providing support to those who are not capable to go to school. He does this behind the camera in a discreet manner but those who he was able to help were loud and proud of it.

He is aware of how important education is and he is providing opportunities to those who deserve it.

Recently, in the newest episode of “EXpecially For You“, one more student has been added as his scholar. They interviewed a searchee from the recent episode of the segment and her story touched their hearts. It also opened a window of opportunity for the contestant.

“Ayaw ko lang po maging pabigat sa kanila, kasi po ‘yung papa ko po disabled tapos ‘yung kapatid ko rin, disabled rin po,” says Nami, one of the contestants. She shared that because of their family’s life situation, she decided to be on her own to lessen the burden of her parents.

She was able to finish senior high school and now working as a promo girl. As much as she wanted to proceed to college, she can’t as she has fears in the financial aspect. She is also not sure if she can balance the life as a worker and as a student as there is no one to support her.

Vice Ganda

“Paano kung pagtapusin kita ng pag-aaral?” asked Vice.

They were talking about the value of education and how others just take the opportunity of being able to go to school for granted. Education, for the It’s Showtime host, holds great value as he is among those who were not able to graduate. Until now, this is still a dream of his.

“Kasi mayroon naman prebiliheyo eh, pero ayaw nila. Kung ikaw ay magkakaroon ng prebiliheyo na makapagtapos ng pag-aaral, kukunin mo ba ang prebiliheyo na ito, Nami?” Vice asked Nami.

Her quick response was, “Oo naman po,” which prompted Vice to express, “So I will send you to school.”

Check out this moment below:

Here are some comments of the netizens to this:

I just don’t get why some people could just hate Vice for being who she is. Vice has kind soul and an inspiration to a lot of people

Napaka busilak ng iyong heart po ate vice

You’re a blessing to everyone vice, keep it up

Ang bait mo talaga Vice

God is good all the time. Be thankful. Dinala ka ng tadhana jan sa showtime para may tumulong sa problema mo.

Pambihira iba talaga sa showtime.. iba ka meme vice… god bless more more blessings..

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