Dog Given Away by Owner Touches Many Hearts


Dog Given Away by Owner Elicits Reactions From Online Community The heartbreaking video of a poor dog being given away by its owner has gone viral online and touched many hearts. Bringing a dog into your home as a pet is a rewarding experience that comes with both joy and responsibility. Dogs, often referred to … Read more

Police Car Rams Two Motorcycles After Swerving to Avoid Dog

Police Car

Police Car Swerves to Avoid Dog, Accidentally Hits Two Motorcycles A police car swerved to avoid a dog in Barangay Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, but accidentally hit two motorcycles. A road accident refers to any incident involving at least one vehicle on a road or highway that results in injury, property damage, or … Read more

Kind-Hearted TikToker Praised for Caring Towards Chained Dog

Kind-Hearted TikToker

Kind-Hearted TikToker Earns Praise for Caring Towards Chained Dog A kind-hearted TikToker received admiration for her compassionate actions towards a chained dog left unattended inside a house. Recently, a TikTok user named _Clauddyyy has shared videos of her compassionate act towards a chained dog left unattended inside a house. The video she posted quickly went … Read more

Dog Earns Praise for Obedience to Owner’s Commands


Dog Goes Viral Online for Obedience to Owner’s Commands A dog in Bacoor, Cavite has won the hearts of netizens for being extremely obedient and eager to follow its owner’s commands. A dog is a domesticated mammal belonging to the Canidae family, known scientifically as Canis lupus familiaris. They are social animals and often live … Read more

Man Set to Face Charges for Maltreating Dog


Man May Get in Trouble for Maltreating Dog in Pasig City A man in Pasig City is set to face charges after he was caught maltreating a dog by lifting and whirling it while on a leash. Animal abuse refers to any deliberate or negligent act that causes harm or suffering to animals. This can … Read more