Pawnshop Robbery Mastermind in Cebu Passes BAR Exams

Jigger Geverola, the Alleged Pawnshop Robbery Mastermind in Cebu Passes September 2023 BAR Exams

Jigger Geverola, the accused pawnshop robbery mastermind in Cebu City, is now a certified lawyer after passing the September 2023 BAR Exams.

On Tuesday (December 5, 2023), the Supreme Court released the BAR Exam Results September 2023.  Geverola is among the 3,812 individuals who passed the licensure examinations. He became a licensed lawyer while he was accused as the mastermind of a daring pawnshop robbery in Cebu City.

The suspect was allegedly involved in a robbery incident along Colon Street in downtown Cebu on November 25, 2023. Armed men robbed a pawnshop and jewelry store in a matter of minutes. He was arrested during an extensive follow-up operation.

Pawnshop Robbery Mastermind

Five individuals, including Norman Lopez Manuel, Marcelyn Sonar, Dan Carlos Geverola Flores, Jordan Ramos Baquinao, and Jerum Cambarijan. Flores and Baquinao were arrested and pointed Geverola as the mastermind behind the crime.

The accused individuals were suspected members of an organized robbery group linked to the dismantled Parojinog crime group, known for its involvement in illegal drugs and other illicit activities before its dissolution in 2017.

Geverola, a resident of Barangay Gutlang in Argao town, southern Cebu, was reportedly working as a Cebu City councilor employee. The authorities conducted a raid on his house on November 28, following his implication in the confessions of two previously arrested suspects.

Pawnshop Robbery Mastermind

The suspect has faced murder and arson charges in 2001 for allegedly burning a bus. He was apprehended in 2004. Additionally, he was once associated with the Communist movement in the Central Visayas Regional Party Committee before deciding to turn his life around and pursue a career in law.

Completing his law studies in 2020, Geverola took the Bar Exams to become a licensed lawyer. However, while awaiting the results, he was detained in the custodial facility of the Cebu City Police Station for his alleged involvement in the robbery.

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