Kathryn Daniel Andrea Issue: Allegedly This Was The Story

An alleged story surfaced online regarding what happened to the “Kathryn Daniel Andrea Issue”

Kathryn Daniel Andrea Issue – What really happened between Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, and Andrea Brillantes?

Rumor has it that Kathryn and Daniel broke up and allegedly, the actor was having an affair with Andrea. This did not sit well with the KathNiel fans and Andrea was bashed. However, there were also those who slammed talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz for allegedly spreading this fake news.

Amid the issue, Kathryn and Daniel were spotted together at an event and they were seen having fun while dancing.

Kathryn Bernardo Daniel Padilla Relationship

However, just recently, netizens noticed that Kathryn unfollowed Andrea on Instagram and this fueled the fire of alleged conflict between the two actresses.

In line with the “Kathryn Daniel Andrea Issue,” a fan account on X (Twitter) shared this alleged story that has been circulating on social media. It was alleged that Daniel has become Andrea’s confidant during her down moments and that the actor considers her as his little sister.

Andrea has been very vocal about her crush on Daniel since she was just a young girl. Allegedly, she insisted on having an intimate moment with the actor because she wanted to be treated as more than just a sister. However, it was said that the actor did not conform to what Andrea wanted to happen.

andrea brillantes
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This allegedly was known by Kathryn and so she got angry as at first, she believed that Daniel really had an intimate moment with Andrea. However, it was said that Kathryn realized that her boyfriend was telling the truth and they reconciled. Allegedly, their fun moment during the Omega event was the time they patched things up.

The netizen who shared this story also claimed that a friend was working in ABS-CBN and had the chance to work with Kathryn and Daniel, and so she knows something about the issue.

kathryn daniel andrea issue alleged story
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  1. We don’t really what is the real story about them if that issue is true or not but I do hope so that Andrea won’t ruin any relationship because Kathniel are perfect couple and they’ve been happy together.


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