What Is Apposition? — A Guide in Learning English

WHAT IS APPOSITION – You can check this detailed guide below in learning about the meaning and examples of “Apposition” in English.

Apposition is one of the topics in English. It is undeniably easy to learn and determine once you know its function in a sentence — and that is what is discussed in the article below.

APPOSITION – Its Meaning & Examples

Meaning & Examples of Apposition in English

APPOSITION – Here are its meaning and as well as some examples used in sentences.

One of the subjects with the widest scope is English. It is not a core subject from the pre-school years up to college but there are also courses that specializes the study of English.

You will learn a lot from this subject and in this article, we will get to know more a certain topic that is also discussed in English during the elementary years.


In this article, we will get to know the meaning of apposition. Also, examples used in sentences would be presented for a more comprehensive discussion of the topic.

What is apposition?

Apposition is a grammatical construction in which there are two (2) elements referring to the same person, thing, place, etc. Most often, they are noun phrases being place next to each other.


Gary, my fiance, is busy preparing for the reception of the wedding.

In the example presented above, you can easily comprehend that Gary is the fiance of the speaker. Both the name “Gary” and “my fiance” refer to the same person.

More examples:

  1. Our school, Santa Teresita College, is very strict in terms of students’ clothing during civilian days.
  2. Jia’s father, Dr. Francisco, was at the hospital when the mother of our classmate went for a check.up.
  3. The black dog, Bruno, is the favorite pet of my brother Marvin.
  4. Selistine and Rodrigo, the King and Queen of Hearts during the prom, were from the same class when they were in Grade 5.
  5. My favorite cartoon character, Jerry, is one of those that are prominent not only to kids but also to adults.
  6. Her new phone, Nokia 7 plus, is a gift from her mother.
  7. Cassandra’s younger sister, Antonette, flew to Singapore for a singing contest.
  8. The Philippines, my beloved country, needs great and faithful leaders.
  9. I have already called Mr. Aguinaldo, the head of the tourism office.
  10. My favorite dessert, a buko pie, will be served shortly after dinner.

Based on the examples presented above, most apposition are enclosed with a pair of commas. They sometimes serve as another meaning about the subject.

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