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List of 8 Parts of Speech & their Definition, Examples

PARTS OF SPEECH – Here is a list of the eight(8) parts of speech, their definition, and some examples.

In English, there are these parts of speech which are often discussed in our elementary and secondary years. They are among the basic components of English that are necessary for us to be able to comprehend the other lessons well.

These parts are the noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjecion. In this article, we will try to discuss them one-by-one and we’ll sort out some examples.

Parts of Speech

1. Noun

The noun refers to the name of person, place, thing, event, etc. Often, it plays the role of the subject or the doer of the action in a sentence.

Examples: Teacher, Dr. Gregory Chan, Apple, Cup, Harvard University

2. Pronoun

The pronoun is one of the most common parts of speech aside from the noun. It replaces the noun in a sentence to avoid repetition.

Examples: He, She, It, Her, Him, Their, Our, They, Them

3. Adjective

The adjective is the word that describes a noun or a pronoun in a sentence. It can be a number.

Examples: small, beautiful, three, lazy, high, tiny

4. Verb

The verb is also one of the common parts of speech in English. It denotes action. It is also called “action word”.

Examples: run, sit, eat, tap, write, search, throw

5. Adverb

Based on an article on HG Publishing, an adverb is a word that provides more information about the verb in the sentence. It often ends in “ly”.

Examples: beautifully, sweetly, warmly, sadly, slowly

6. Preposition

A preposition tells the position of an object if it is below, on top, beside,etc. of a certain object.

Examples: on, at, in, after, before

7. Conjunction

Conjunction stands to the task of joining two(2) words or ideas based on the article.

Examples: or, and, yet, but, while, since, although, nor

8. Interjection

Interjections are words that express surprise. Often, they end on an exclamation point.

Example: Eww! – Ouch! – Alas! – Wow! – OMG!

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