VIDEO: Ces Drilon Shows Her Wacky Side In Viral Ad

Watch Ces Drilon Viral Ad Here

CES DRILON – Filipino broadcast journalist Ces Drilon’s ad for a beverage brand went viral because apart from many people laughing, many Pinoys can also relate to the situations shown here.

Broadcast journalist Ces Drilon is the “woman of the hour” because she managed to make Pinoys laugh amidst the depressing issues. Just like the more amusing incident caught on CCTV involving a female screening officer at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). Her reasoning was that she swallowed chocolate and not the missing US$300 from a passenger.

It is also disconcerting that the authorities couldn’t confirm whether pollution or volcanic smog from Taal Volcano caused the darkening of the skies over Metro Manila on Friday, September 22, 2023.


In Ces’s commercial ad for a beverage product, many people laughed. Filipinos saw themselves in the incidents depicted in the commercial, which actually happen in real life and cause stress.

Just like Ces drinking salty coffee instead of sugar, going to work on a day off, carrying an umbrella during an unexpected downpour only to get splashed by a passing car, and stepping on dog poop while walking on the street.

“Stress Drilon” comes from Ces’s name, and “Hagardo Verzosa” comes from Gardo Verzosa’s name, which is two of the gay lingo terms coined by Filipinos to describe problems or issues that bring stress and fatigue.


Ces played the character of a person who experienced consecutive stressors excellently. A different side of Ces is seen in the beverage ad as she curses in extreme anger but is still far from her respected and prim and proper image.

The “Stress Drilon” ad brings joy and good vibes, making it enjoyable to watch. It was liked and also brought laughter to personalities like Korina Sanchez, Karen Davila, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Sandy Andolong, Kim Atienza, and many others from Ces’s circle.

She shared the video on her IG account on September 23. It came with a caption, “Masaya ako na napasaya ko kayo sa aking pinagdaanang #stressdrilon. Kaya like me #CoolOffAtCoco @gigilgroup @cocoteaph”

Watch the video below:

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