Ex-Policeman in Viral Road Rage Incident Surrenders and Loses Gun License

Ex-Policeman in Viral Road Rage Loses Gun License After He Surrendered to Authorities

The ex-policeman involved in the viral road rage incident in Quezon City has surrendered to authorities and had his gun license revoked.

A road rage incident involving a car driver in red sedan and a cyclist has gone viral on social media, leading to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) issuing a show cause order against the driver. The driver not only physically assaulted the cyclist but also brandished a firearm.

LTO Chief Asec. Vigor Mendoza II emphasized the importance of observing due process before imposing sanctions based on the viral video. Mendoza initiated a thorough investigation into the matter.

The cyclist’s lawyer, Atty. Raymond Fortun, contradicted the driver’s version that they’ve settled the matter. Fortun explained that the cyclist was forced to sign a statement admitting fault and was even forced to pay P500 for scratching the driver’s vehicle.

The authorities that the car driver was a retired police officer. The victim initially refused to file charges due to threats against him and his family. The video uploader removed the clip from its page after receiving threats.

Earlier, driver breaks silence on viral road rage incident


On Sunday (August 27, 2023), the ex-policeman in viral road rage has surrendered to the Quezon City Police District (QCPD). He voluntarily turned over his firearm at the police station. LTO will coordinate with the Philippine National Police to address the incident.

The Firearms and Explosives Office (FEO) revoked the gun license of the retired police officer. The agency explained that the former cop’s action serves as ground for revocation. The incident raises concerns about responsible gun ownership and the privilege of possessing firearms


“As a reminder to all licensed citizens, it is of utmost importance to be responsible gun owners at all times. The possession and ownership of firearms are not absolute rights but rather a privilege. The PNP reserves the authority to revoke LTOPF, Firearm Registration and PTCFOR, especially in cases where there are grounds for revocation and cancellation,” said PNP Civil Security Group.

The netizens expressed their reactions towards ex-cop’s revocation of gun license:

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