Top Gasoline Stations in the Philippines

PETROLEUM PRODUCTS – Here is the list of the top gasoline stations in the Philippines offering affordable yet quality fuel products.

Petroleum products are very important to Filipino motorists and commuters. It is essential in the industry because it is used for transportation, delivery essential goods, transport patients to the hospital, shuttle workers and other important tasks.

Unfortunately, fuel prices continue to increase over the past few years. Oil price hike causes a domino effect to the prices of basic commodities, transportation fares and other services.

Gasoline Stations

Filipino motorists have plenty of options for filling their vehicles. However, some gas stations have managed to stand out and build a reputation for providing excellent service, high-quality fuel, and customer-centric experiences.

Several oil companies were able to keep their reputations and continue to provide efficient and dependable fuelling options to motorists. Drivers can rely on these top gas stations to keep their vehicles running smoothly.

Here are some of the most popular gasoline stations in the country:

Shell Philippines

Shell is a recognizable and trusted name in the Philippine petroleum business, with a global reputation for excellence. Shell gas stations are strategically positioned in crucial places, allowing motorists nationwide convenient access.

Petron Corporation

Petron is well-known for its constant gasoline quality, innovative additives, and strict safety regulations. Furthermore, their Petron Value Card loyalty program and outstanding customer service have won them a devoted and satisfied consumer base.


Caltex fuels, which are known for their Techron additives, are meant to keep engines clean and running smoothly. It also provides modern amenities, clean restrooms, and well-stocked convenience stores to meet the needs of both passengers and commuters.

Total Philippines

Total gas stations provide a variety of fuels, including the Excellium line, which is meant to improve engine efficiency and minimize emissions

Phoenix Petroleum

Phoenix Petroleum is a domestic brand that has risen substantially in recent years. Despite being a newcomer to the industry, it has drawn notice for its reasonable price and reliable gasoline quality.


Unioil is one of the best gas stations to visit if the prices at the major three are out of your price range. While their facilities are not as numerous, they provide the same, if not comparable, quality fuels to the major gasoline market holders.


The fuel business operates a number of gas stations across the country, with some offering special payment options and/or discounts for specific applications or transportation services.


Cleanfuel is a gas station that you may find taxis frequenting. There is a reason for this, as the brand provides high-quality fuel at relatively low pricing. Aside from that, their facilities are well-kept and well-designed.

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