Aiko Melendez TikTok Video Inside Session Hall Drew Flak Online

Aiko Melendez Speaks on TikTok Video Inside Session Hall After Being Criticized

Actress-politician Aiko Melendez defended his TikTok video of dancing inside the session hall after receiving criticisms on social media.

Aiko Melendez, District 5 Councilor of Quezon City, recently created an uproar on social media after sharing a new TikTok video she shot with Filipino actor Julian Trono. In the video, the actress can be seen dancing to Mariah Carey’s ‘Touch My Body’ with SK Federation President Trono.

Aiko Melendez TikTok Video

The video was uploaded on Instagram on Tuesday, June 20, and has already received thousands of views. The event occurred prior to the session, but Aiko’s video was met with anger from netizens who couldn’t disguise their displeasure with the two public officials for allegedly disrespecting the hall.

Aiko recommended netizens to read her caption again in the comments section, claiming that the video was filmed prior to the session. “Please Read the caption po. Clearly, it says “before session,” it means wala pa roll call, and that was 30 mins before session, so wala kami violate na ruling. FYI… I know the ruling.”

@aikomelendez2015 With our majority floor leader Dorothy Delarmente and konsis @Chuckieantonio @WencyLagumbay ♬ Touch My Body
@aikomelendez2015 With Sk Federation President for QC councilor @Julian Trono ♬ Touch My Body

Aside from that, Aiko emphasized that they were only celebrating the approval of “additional 1000 bonuses” for their employees. “We were also just celebrating because yesterday it was finally calendared in our agenda to approve the additional 10000 bonuses for our employees dahil nakuha namen ang COA unqualified opinion 3rd year in a row.”

Several netizens, however, displayed the guidelines at the Quezon City session chamber. One of the rules was that no recordings could be made within the session hall without authorization from the Vice Mayor’s Office.

However, it appears that Vice Mayor Gian Sotto of Quezon City allowed Aiko to film inside the session hall. “Nahuli kami ni Vice Mayor Gian Sotto, huli pero di kulong,” she said.

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